Work With Us



If you’d like to work with Rachel Lynett Theatre Company, please fill out this ACTOR FORM.


Rachel Lynett directs all of our workshop productions and readings. If you are interested in working as an Assistant Director, please email Rachel.


If you would like to design future productions, please email Rachel.


If you believe you have a play that is in conversation with one of Rachel Lynett’s plays, please email a 10-15 pg sample of the first 10-15 pages of the play, a brief 1 pg cover letter briefly saying which play you feel your play is in conversation with, and a resume. Rachel Lynett will respond directly within 2 months. Only plays by playwrights who are WOC or queer will be considered. Please email Rachel


Theatre is impossible without you! If you’re interested in working with Rachel Lynett Theatre Company. Please email Rachel.